About Us

—— Influence the world with the strength. ——


Company profile

Hubei Huajian Stone Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, is a leading enterprise in the whole granite industry chain integrating design and R&D, granite mining, production, industrial tailings recycling and sales service. The products are exported to overseas and are widely used in large-scale national public construction projects to serve national infrastructure construction. With the business philosophy of "harmony and win-win, innovation and progress", the company has strengthened R&D, continuously improved technical services, and upgraded the automation and intelligence of processing equipment. The company has always been guided by "green development", adhered to the concept of high-quality, healthy and sustainable development, responded to the national goal of "carbon neutralization and carbon peak", accelerated the formation of green and low-carbon production mode, built green mines and green enterprises, and built a new benchmark and model leading the green development of China's stone industry!

The company takes craft stone, carved stone, large-size board and export granite products as its core products. Under the fierce competition in the domestic stone industry, the company has improved its overall strength by building a unique brand and industrial chain. It has developed into a domestic professional stone supplier and established the leading position of the company in the high-quality granite stone enterprise in Hubei Province.

One belt, one road, is to build a stone recycling eco economic circle with high quality. The goal is to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Huajian stone by intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing. We should make full use of the capital operation platform of gem, appropriately diversify the business, and open up new markets, the whole house of stone material, the high-end and home mounted stone solution, and increase the global industrial layout of "one belt and one road". Strengthen and expand rail transit, municipal construction, high-end stone industry and artificial stone special-shaped carving industry. The main business income increases by 20% - 30% every year, and the operating income will be RMB 700 million in 2025.

Vision and mission

Mission: create brilliance with stone

With the spirit of craftsman, create high-quality stones for customers, treat people sincerely, actively fulfill social responsibilities, and become an enterprise beneficial to the society. Beautify the world with high-end atmospheric stones and build China.

Vision: to become a leading enterprise in stone and granite industry

Based on the long-term, stable, healthy and sustainable development, the company hopes that through the efforts of generation after generation of Huajian people, the quality of the company's craft stone, carving stone, large-scale stone slab and granite products will be improved, creating classic projects, and Huajian stone will become a leading enterprise in the granite industry.

Values: integrity and preciseness, win-win cooperation

Integrity and preciseness: work seriously and be honest and trustworthy. Everyone in the company should follow the principles of being a person and doing things. Each employee should treat the work seriously and rigorously, pay attention to principles, and provide high-quality services for the five interested parties.

Win win cooperation: senior leaders, employees, customers and the government share the responsibility for realizing the company's vision. Only mutual benefit and mutual benefit can realize the common benefits of both or more parties.